These guys are top-notch.  They arrived promptly at 7:30AM (exactly when they said they would), had the driveway torn-out and prepared by 11:30AM, the cement arrived at about 12:30PM, the truck left at about 1:30PM  and they were finished by 4:30PM.  This father and two sons combination work hard and well together.  They anticipate each other’s moves.  The driveway is beautifully done, with a hand-finished swirl pattern and a wider edge than I’ve seen on most driveways which gives it a pleasantly different appearance.  I would absolutely recommend them!
Larry M., North Olmsted, OH

I can’t recommend this company more highly.  They were punctual and the work they did was excellent!  When we signed up with them they said we would be starting work in one month and almost to the day they were on the job.
Robert E., Parma, OH

Guy, we just wanted to thank you for waterproofing the basement.  You did an excellent job and my dad was really impressed with your work and so were we.  We will give your name out to anyone who needs work done.  Thanks again, John and Kathy

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10-16-2011  Dear Guy, Aldo, and Antonio,
We just wanted to  take a moment to thank you for the wonderful job you did for us in September of this year.  You replaced most of the driveway and waterproofed the side and back of the house.  We now wish that we had had the entire driveway replaced, because the sections you did look so much better than the rest of the driveway (that is only 16 years old).
The whole reason for replacing a relatively new driveway was to correct the grade of the existing driveway and re-waterproof the side of the house.  The previous construction company that we used graded the driveway toward the house, thus creating a water problem in our basement in spite of the waterproofing we previously had done.  The driveway that you put in is now graded so that the water flows directly down the center of the driveway and away from the house.  It is perfect.
We expected a good, honest job from you, because you had previously rebuilt the chimney and front entryway steps in 1997 and both still look as good as when they were first done.  But what really impressed us with this much bigger job is the precision with which you removed the old concrete.  You were working in a tight space with the old concrete abutting against concrete walkways and the garage slab and there is not one nick or scrape on any of those pieces. 
In addition, I had flower gardens growing along side of the driveway and nothing was damaged.  You also power washed the old part of the driveway, sidewalk and the street, keeping everything relatively clean and our neighbors happy.  You treated our property with respect and care, like it was your own property.
I have told people what a great job you have done and even given your phone number to one of my friends.  If you ever need a recommendation or reference, please feel free to have your customers call us.   Thank you,
Andy and Barb, Parma Heights, Ohio