We offer different finishes:  Stamp, Float , Broom and Trowel
CUTS:   Hand or saw connect

Stone base two to six inch of compacted stone

Reinforcements:  wire mesh and steel rods

Install isolation joints and contraction joints

Concrete 4" to 8" Thick

Pitch concrete to maintain positive run-off, sewer drain will be installed if flow cannot be maintained

Curing Compound sprayed after concrete is finished

30 days after installation we recommend sealing the concrete with a penetrating sealer or a membrane sealer


Exterior excavation

Walls cleaned, sealed, insulated, repaired, reinforced or replaced beyond repair

Drain tiles,  downspouts and clean out installed

Lines jet cleaned

Excavated area filled with stone

Landscape fabric over stone

12 to 18 inch topped with top soil

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Concrete Flatwork:
Traditional concrete Finishes
and Stamp Patterns

Garage Floors
Parking Lots

Concrete Procedure
Tear out of existing concrete areas and dispose, set forms, wire mesh, stone base compacted, required isolation joints and contraction joints, concrete mix, Choice of finishes (Float, Broom, Stamp & Steel Trowel),  if slop cannot be maintained sewer drain will be installed,  and a coat of curing compound sprayed 

Please Note: 
Snow and ice, along with deicing chemicals collect in fender of autos and drip onto concrete when autos are parked.  Avoid exposing concrete to deicers, park autos into heated garages.  Snow should be removed by seeping and shoveling.  Avoid grass fertilizers near new concrete, it may cause discoloration.  Please wait 24 hours before walking and 10 days for vehicle traffic. 
For extra protection after 30 days of pour, we recommend a coat of concrete sealer.  Two options:  Membrane or penetrating sealer:   When applying sealers make sure the concrete is clean and completely dry. Membrane sealers sit on top, Penetrating sealers penetrate into the pours of the concrete.  

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Basement Waterproofing Procedure:
Excavate foundation deep enough to expose footer, support earth to prevent caving, pressure wash wall to ensure sound bond for materials that will be applied, cut foundation cracks and seal with hydraulic cement for better bonding, apply a coat of rubberized tar emulsion, install 4" heavy duty perforated PVC pipe along footer with 2" of stone underneath pipe, install new down spout, install clean outs, flush footer drain and down spout lines, backfill with wash river stone or lime stone to one foot of grade, top stone with filter membrane material, 12" to 18" will be topped with soil.
Foundation Repairs:
Straighten wall and reinforce with rebar/concrete or posts/beams or rebuild walls that are damaged beyond repair methods.  
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